The deep yellow of the light covered every crack in the dark leather, revealing every crease for all too see. Theo was there, his warmth visible without even being close to him. It occured to me that day that comfort wasn’t always visible. The times I had ached, when even bodies holding me up had done nothing but keep me standing. These were nothing compared to the love of someone of whom had no idea what bands I liked, or if my opinions were politically correct, no idea about anything that we all pick apart in someones personality to see if they are worthy of our time. With those eyes that never failed too understand, to crave the attention I needed to give.
Often times when emotions are off balance, I’ve been desperate to comfort when I could not and desperate not to when I could, never rationally but always unmistakably painful but to have someone around that even if its fictionally sensing every emotion. A hot water, a hug when needed, a needy stare across the room and all that Is expected back is food and care.



Last night was one of those perfect nights, which I spent who two of the people I chose to love the most.Image

The plan of the night was two drink, go up town, get smashed and dance. What we achieved was worth every penny, sat in “Gorgeous” at twelve o’clock with your best friend talking about life is what life should be about. Which then lead onto Firpal loosing his long island ice tea virginity, venturing in to the unknown that is “The Royal London” and then rambling bare foot all the way to “Asda”. ImageImage

By the end of the night I had somehow “Collected” alot of posters of bathroom walls (Not completely sure how or why) and then managed to count our pennies and make the long journey back to my humble abode. Drinking coffee and discussing war ended the night of drinking perfectly. 
Nights like this make me so grateful for Firpal and Liam.


Metropolis: reflections on the modern city

I’ve spent most of my childhood visiting Birmingham Art Gallery and museum with my parents and schools etc, but it’s only been the last few years where I’ve been interested in what I was looking at. A few weeks before the end of our “Final Major Project” We went to visit a new part of the Gallery “Metropolis” which is an exhibition based around reflections of a Modern city. The work from various artists around the world all comes together to bring this feel of life within the world. That buzz you expect when you visit New York or the crisp wind against your ears when you pop into Poland.ImageImageImageImage

Mohamed Bourouissa’s work really inspired me. I don’t class myself as a photographer but what I do love is the way you can build a story up from a photograph. With this work each photograph meant something to me for example “The Reflection” (the bottom photograph) reflects the sadness of time passing. The old televisions are old and discared for me this could relate to the way we treat our family, it could be a statement about the state of care homes and what they represent. The possibilities are endless and that is what I love about art.


The further you get into the exhibition the more it pulls you in, the variety of work is what makes it so special with digital projection, painting, sculpture, photography and mixed media installation.Image

I highly reccomend you should give this exhibit a go before the 23rd of June!: