Some days I feel like i’ve forgotten how to feel happy, I feel like screaming “I DON’T KNOW HOW TO BE HAPPY ANYMORE” today is one of those days. Maybe I am over tired, but right now I am feeling ridiculously restless, like I have jumping beans in my body full of motivation that are trapped in a lead cage so thick that the motivation can’t get out and i’m just left trying to find a youtube video or a blog piece that will help me break them out. I don’t mind because I know it will pass after a good nap, just the wasted time makes me feel so useless.


I don’t think I ever appreciated the Harry Potter films as much as I do right now.

It may not be the best quality but everything from them trying not to burst into laughter, to how much editing goes into to really creating the film. I just adore this video.

Felly ‘n bert, oh mor bert.

Saturday started off as a cool summers day, which escalated quickly into the hottest day of the year. Luckily we were in the right place for this kind of weather.Sun bathing, Ice cream, fish and chips and a bucket and spade and our day was set.
Some of the place we sore on the way up and back were just too beautiful, my camera doesn’t really do them justice.



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What was that place called?

England is finally sunny, so so sunny and warm and lovely. So Liam and his lovely car “Ray” drove us too CHASE WATER. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting the name “Chase Water” to be literally I just assumed it would be a bit off Cannock Chase or something, but I was delighted to find a mini sea, sand, boats and blue skies.



You’ve got a friend in me.

This isn’t what I intended to blog on my blog. However! I feel the need to bring you this link:



I’ve had one of those days where my hormones are literally everywhere. Since being on the implant I get literally three days every two weeks or so where I’m rational, reasonable and not a crazy bitch. Today it hit me hard, crying in the car with very little reason is my least favorite thing to do on my day off. So after upsetting Liam, then myself I head home and pop some Primrose victims- really do help! recommend to everyone and find this playlist! I was looking at websites like:




All of these are extremely good, but what really cheered me up was this simple youtube playlist, with all those songs that you can never remember the name of, but always cheer you up! I mean “You’ve Got A Friend In Me” by Randy Newman and “The Show” by Lenka what could go wrong?