Realistic intentions for the end of 2016:

☑ Get new phone and keep it alive past 2016.I’m ticking this one because after the suspicious and mysterious death of my Motorola Razr this morning I will be heading he the car phone warehouse after work tomorrow.This is something I wanted on my list simply because after months of trying to cut technology out a bit more than usual I realised having a smart phone wasn’t the problem. Without a smart phone It is just more uncomfortable to have technology, I end up just lumping my laptop everywhere and stealing ANYONE’s phone to get a decent snapshot. I realised just switching everything off for a portion of the day did me a world of good and a smart phone isn’t going to stop me from doing that, it’ll just save my shoulders from the weight of my laptop.(Update got my new phone!)

☐Number two is passing my driving test. I’ve know after about two years of practicing with a fantastic driving instructor I have now booked my driving test for some time late autumn. I’m so ready for the freedom to go places without the guilt of having to nab lifts everywhere and take all the lovely people that have picked me up places. Now to start saving for driving- pretty sure that’ll be hella harder than learning to drive.

☐Fixing my feet is a big one for me. I feel like I’ve got really horrible feet which always ruin my confidence in doing things that would require me to show them off. I’d really love to have my feet in a state where I could take a yoga class without worrying about anyone being in direct eye contact with my dead skin.

☐Own and use a camera that is of a decent quality. About two/ three years ago I brought a reasonably priced Nikon D40 which I loved, if you go down this blog you’ll find some really beautiful photos I took with it. Eventually as all good things do it became unusable and since then I just haven’t got round to saving up for a new one. This year though I discovered finance and although I have always thought of (for me) financing something would be tying my down to paying for something every month. I feel like this is the right way for me to be able to get a good quality camera that I’m going to use when I know I’m just not a saver.

☐Nice way to lead of to; Saving specifically for travelling. As I’ve just mentioned I am not a saver, I try but sometimes it just doesn’t work out but I do plan on going travelling and I’ve decided to open up a separate saving account icer (the account that don’t let you use your saving for a year- for those weak willows like me) for a year to allow me to achieve this.

☐I want to book a holiday. I would love to be paying towards something exciting like a fantastic trip to Disney land or something, I have not been or even attempted to go for about two years and enough is enough!

☐Finally Blog more. This post being on my wordpress is basically because I knew I couldn’t write a list with the words “Blog more” on it without blogging it. I really want to expand my skills at writing and just being able to send my brain words to my finger words, blogging really helps that but sometimes laziness feels so good I cave. I really want to find the right balance of relaxing and being productive.

2017 come at me.


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